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09 July 2007 @ 10:16 am
Welcome to the Underground!  
Introducing the SPN Underground

So this is it...my SPN project.

Basically, the Underground is a network of Supernatural fans.  It was formed when a group of admins from watchsupernatural.org got together to try and come up with professional-level promotional ideas for the show. 

I thought it might be beneficial to have a name for the group behind those promotional ideas, and hence, the Supernatural Underground was born.

But The Underground is more than just a PR group; it's actually a network of websites (I HOPE!) that will help spread the word around about their various promotional ideas, and keep us all tied together.

How the network part of the Underground works is this:  If you join, you and your website will be added to a mailing list (and the SPNU members page) that will send out a group email that lets you know what's going on around the SPN universe.  It can be everything from news updates about the show, to information about projects, conventions, etc that SPN fans are planning.

In return, you can send information to the Underground, and let us know about events you are planning.  The more information we share, the more well connected we are with each other--and the more we will know about what other fans are doing to help promote our favorite show.

Joining is easy...

1) Join the Underground by emailing information to: join@supernaturalunderground.com
2) Put a link somewhere on your website, LJ, etc stating you're a member of the Underground.  You can either use one of the banners, icons, avas or buttons I've created on the support page, or you can just hyperlink.
3) Submit your ideas, or wait for the email.

The more people join--especially if they put "Member of the Supernatural Underground" somewhere on their home pages--the more unified we appear as a fan base.  If everyone can be a part of the Underground network, then we can finally find a way to spread ideas and share information quickly and thoroughly.

Remember that as an information network, it doesn't matter what type of SPN fan you are.  Whatever you ship, whatever you write, whether you like spoilers or not, SPN Underground is a news source for show/network news and promotional ideas, not plotline, episodes or anything else.  Everyone can be a part of the Underground no matter where they stand in the SPN fandom.

I hope you'll help me spread the word!

Welcome to the Underground!